Student Organizations

The School of Public Health is proud to support the following recognized organizations and these students' contributions to public health and health administration extracurricular activities and service to our community.


Texas A&M Public Health Student Association (TAMPHSA)


The goal of TAMPHSA is to enhance the quality and scope of graduate education, and to encourage student participation in the activities and programs of the School of Public Health, the Texas A&M University Health Science Center and Texas A&M University. TAMPHSA shall promote communication between administration, system schools and the student body. The purpose of TAMPHSA is to serve as the voice of the student body of the School of Public Health from all campuses and its authority exercised through its constitution. TAMPHSA membership is automatic to all undergraduate and graduate students at the school.

President – Joshua George

Adviser – Erin Schneider and Dr. Kerry Noack

Public Health Student Organization (PHSO)

The PHSO is open to any undergraduate student at Texas A&M University. Students will learn more about public health and career opportunities, and will also participate in field trips and much more. 

President – Jerry Gao

Adviser – Dr. Sherry Lin


Association for Future Healthcare Leaders (AFHL)

AFHL works to ensure opportunities within the organization and local community for knowledge sharing and career development among future healthcare management professionals. 
Objectives include:

  • Promoting an environment conducive to educational and ethical development of professional and personal skills within the field of health care leadership.
  • Providing opportunity for student involvement, recognition and representation in the profession of health care management.
  • Developing an association with local, regional and national health care executive groups to enhance academic and career opportunities for members.
  • Establishing congruence between student and professional continuing education activities.
  • Providing faculty and students in health care administration a forum for educational and professional dialogue.

President – Mason Raven

Adviser – Dr. Murray Cote


American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) 

The student chapter of ASSP is an organization that fosters a relationship with the parent group, the Central Texas Chapter (Austin) of ASSP; increases safety awareness within the school and community; commits to community services; and provides career development opportunities for future safety.

President – Tomas Johanson

Adviser – Dr. Adam Pickens

Community Health Promotion Student Organization (CHPSO)

The mission of CHPSO is to promote appreciation and career awareness of the social and behavioral public health field. Goals to fulfill this mission are: to actively engage, enhance, and develop a professional network through social, volunteer, and academic networks; to provide CHPSO members with opportunities to learn more about the field of social and behavioral health; and to facilitate lasting ties between students. 

President – Katie Bradley

Adviser – Dr. Diane Dowdy 

Epidemiology Student Organization (ESO) 

The mission of ESO is to promote appreciation and career awareness of the public health field of epidemiology. ESO works to promote lasting ties between the members by working with faculty, administration, and other student groups to provide ESO membership with opportunities to learn more about the field of epidemiology by engaging in activities including bringing in guest speakers, creating study groups, hosting social events, and more.

President – Vivane Clement

Adviser – Dr. Rebecca Fischer

Environmental Sustainability Group (ESG)

The purpose of ESG is to facilitate environmental sustainability practices within the School of Public Health and the community through student learning, engagement and action.

President – Will Simmons
Adviser – Dr. Natalie Johnson and Dr. Itza mendoza

Healthcare Finance Association (HFA)

HFA provides members with opportunities to explore career opportunities available in health care finance through corporate visits and guest speakers. HFA will also allow students to expand their professional network and education by being a part of the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

President – Guadalup Mojarro

 Adviser – Dr. Murray Cote

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

The IHI Open School for Health Professions is an interprofessional educational community that gives students the skills to become change agents in health care improvement. The student organization reinforces skills like quality improvement, patient safety, teamwork, leadership and patient-centered care. Employers are looking for these skills, and patients expect providers to have them. Most schools barely touch on these topics. We are here to help fill that void. Students in nursing, health administration, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, policy and other health professions can think of the IHI Open School as their “other school” — an educational community that’s free and open no matter where they are.

President – Shaun Thomas Kurian

Adviser – Dr. Murray Cote

Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)

The national MGMA serves 21,000 members representing 12,500 practices in which 270,000 physicians practice. MGMA is the defining source for the profession of group practice management through information, education, networking opportunities and advocacy. The local chapter of the MGM conducts monthly meetings and hosts guest speakers throughout the field of Group Practice Management. The chapter also participates in community service activities and hosts networking events. Each October a group of students represent the school at the National MGMA Conference.  

President – Summer Stout

Adviser – Dr. Murray Cote

Maternal and Child Health Student Organization (MCHSO)

The Maternal and Child Health Student Organization is a resource that provides career development opportunities, awareness about maternal and child issues, and networking between students and public health professionals. As an organization, we are dedicated to pursuing research, volunteering, leadership, and training opportunities that enable future public health professionals to address a variety of issues in Maternal and Child Health.

President – Gentrea Hendrickson and Hannah Hoffman

Adviser – Dr. Maria Perez-Patron

Global Public Health Brigades

The Global Public Health Brigades plans to go on a brigade once per semester during which they will work with local masons and staff to assist families in constructing public health infrastructure projects based on each family's needs as well as educating the community about public health practices.


  1. Fundraise to make the brigade affordable to everyone.
  2. Volunteer and assist within the College Station/Bryan communities on public health related projects.
  3. Broaden members’ knowledge in health related fields.

President – Jerry Gao

Adviser – Dr. Angela Clendenin