Student Complaints

Student Complaints

The School of Public Health is committed to providing a learning environment for its students which complaints are responded to in a prompt and fair manner.

Student rule violations outside of the academic classroom environment are reported through Student Conflict Resolution Services.

To report a behavioral concern on the part of a member of the student body, faculty, or staff member, refer to the Tell Somebody reporting process.

To report instances of suspected waste, fraud, or a suspected ethics violation, use the Texas A&M University Systems Risk, Fraud, and Misconduct Hotline.

For anonymous complaints, students may go to the Risk and Misconduct Hotline

Current, former, and prospective students may e-mail or mail a completed THECB student complaint form (available on the agency’s website) to THECB’s Office of General Counsel.  A non-exhaustive list of exceptions to the types of complaints handled by THECB is provided in the student complaint rules at that agency site.