Research Centers

Center for Community Health Development (CCHD)

CCHD was formed to establish a research, education, and experience base for improving population health status in a cost-effective manner. The Center also provides invaluable research, education, and training experience for masters and doctoral students of the SPH, the Texas A&M HSC, and the larger Texas A&M University System.

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USA Center for Rural Public Health Preparedness

The USA Center for Rural Public Health Preparedness is designed to ensure public health professionals are able to respond to threats to the nation’s public health. The USA Center at SPH is the only center with a specific rural focus and is charged with supporting and developing the skills and competencies of emergency responders in rural areas of the United States.

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Southwest Rural Health Research Center (SRHRC)

The SRHRC, established in 2000, is one of only nine federally funded research centers by the Health Resources and Services Administration's Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. The center focuses on conducting policy relevant research on meeting the needs of special rural populations, minority populations and health disparities (including border populations), and rural systems building.

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Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT)

CHOT, is an industry-university cooperative research center funded by the National Science Foundation and health organizations to conduct research supporting major management, clinical, and information technology innovations in healthcare. The Texas A&M SPH faculty and graduate students team with health system professionals to pursue various research projects.

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Ergonomics Center

The mission of the Texas A&M Ergonomics Center is to help industry and healthcare partners increase their competitiveness by improving worker performance, reducing workplace injuries and illnesses, and designing unique products and applications to combat the negative impacts of aging and obesity.

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Center for Population Health & Aging

CPHA provides a mechanism for research and practice on strategies for understanding and promoting successful aging. The primary focus of the Center is on social, behavioral and environmental factors across the spectrum of the older population. Research activities center on identification of social, behavioral, and environmental determinants for health and illness in older populations.

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