Ergonomics Center

Director: Mark E. Benden, CPE, Ph.D.
Organizational Location: HSC
Board of Regents Approval: February 2012
Contact: 979-436-9362

Ergonomics is defined as the study of work to prevent and control injury/illness while improving productivity, quality, marketing, customer service, delivery and reducing turnover and costs. This is a critical public health focus area because approximately 60% of industry and healthcare injury/illness’s are ergonomic related. Compounding the problem is the workforce is less fit and physically capable than in prior decades contributing to higher healthcare costs for employers, employees, and health care providers. Despite the growing demand for ergonomic expertise, industry and healthcare are experiencing acute shortages of qualified Occupational Safety and Health Professionals.

The purpose of the Ergonomics Center is to improve worker performance, safety, and health through three primary focal areas: Education and rigorous training of the next generation of masters and doctoral level ergonomics professionals; Research focusing on health and safety with an emphasis on obesity and aging related issues, ergonomic evaluation with a focus on innovative and dynamic workstation and classroom designs, and commercialization and translational research; and Outreach to industry and community through training and professional development.