Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

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Papers in Progress

  1. McMaughan, D.K., Huber, J.C., Forjuoh, S., Helduser, J., Ory, M., Bolin, J. (accepted for publication).
    Physician recommendation of diabetes clinical protocols. Hospital Topics.
  2. McMaughan, D.K.M., Edwards, R. & Zhang, Y. (submitted)
    Pain and pain management in older persons living in the community. The Gerontologist.(sent for review; declined)
  3. McMaughan, D.K., Nwaiwu, O., Zhao, H., Frentzel, E., Mehr, D., Imanpour, S., Garfinkel, S., Phillips, C.D. (submitted)
    Impact of a decision-making aid for suspected urinary tract infections on antibiotic overuse in nursing homes. Lancet (declined) JAMA Internal Medicine (declined) JAMDA (sent for review; declined)

Published Book Chapters

  1. Hawes, C., Phillips, C.D., Moudouni, D.M. (2012), "Nursing Homes," in Carswell, Andrew, ed.
    The Encyclopedia of Housing, 2nd Edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Published Reports

  1. Frentzel, E., Moudouni, D., Garfinkel, S., Phillips, C., Zhao, H., & Fuchs, S.
    Standardizing antibiotic use in long-term care settings (SAUL Study): Final report. August 15, 2012. Submitted by American Institutes for Research, Texas A&M University School of Rural Public Health, and TMF Health Quality Institute. Report prepared for Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Contract HHSA 290-2006-000-191-8.
  2. Miller, T.R., Patnaik, A., Dyer, J., Fournier, C., Elliott, T., Naiser, E. Moudouni, D. M., Phillips, C.D. (2011),
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