Degree Plan

The McAllen campus offers a Master of Public Health degree in health promotion & community health sciences with a concentration in border health. Below you will find a listing of the core areas of study and courses required for the concentration in border health. 

SPH Core Areas

HPCH 604 or
HPCH 603
Social Ecology & Health Behavior or
Social & Behavioral Determinants of Health  
PHPM 601 Rural Public Health Systems  
PHPM 605 Introduction to Health Policy & Management
PHEB 600 Fundamentals of Epidemiology
PHEO 600 Principles of Environmental & Occupational Health 
PHEB 602 Biostatistics I

Concentration Courses

HPCH 605 Social & Behavioral Research Methods
HPCH 611 Program Planning  
HPCH 613 Program Evaluation
HPCH/PHSB 689 US/Mexico Border Public Health Systems
HPCH 620 Introduction to Border Health    
Elective 2 Courses   
HPCH 684 Practicum
45 credit hours

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For more information call:

Cyndi Torres-Beltran
MPH Program Coordinator