PhD Competencies

Upon completion of a PhD degree in health services research, the student will be able to:

  • Identify and assemble a large body of existent research addressing a specific research agenda;
  • Determine the quality of the work represented by that body of published research;
  • Articulate problem specification and theoretical paradigms appropriate to a specific research agenda;
  • Articulate subsequent researchable hypotheses that might further our knowledge base regarding the specific topic;
  • Conceive of a research design that would allow these hypotheses to be tested in a manner that would stand up to peer review;
  • As necessary, integrate interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary contributions to a specific research agenda;
  • Develop measurement tools necessary to implement the selected project design;
  • Design the analytical steps necessary to maximize the applicability of the data available to the research questions identified;
  • Organize a team of colleagues necessary to undertake the data gathering and analytical tasks;
  • Achieve mastery of basic statistical and epidemiological computation techniques;
  • Execute quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques appropriate to the research design and data studied;
  • Draw appropriate conclusions about the research undertaken;
  • Prepare appropriate reports and scholarly publications and participate in conference presentations in order to appropriately influence relevant state-of-the-art practice.

Students will also participate in appropriate instructional activities, professional organizations and other professional and/or community-linked exercises in order to prepare for their professional careers. The PhD student is expected to embrace and work toward excelling at teaching and/or research responsibilities as they progress through program.