Gurinder Singh

Gurinder S.Class of 2018
B.S. Biology 
University of Houston

Gurinder grew up in northwest Houston, as he was raised in the suburbs of Jersey Village, Texas. As the first in his family to attend and graduate college, he obtained a degree in Biology and a minor in chemistry at the University of Houston. During his time in school, Gurinder maintained a part-time position at Kindred Hospital since 2012, where he is still employed. This experience, combined with his personal desire to continue a career in healthcare lead him to pursue a career in Healthcare Administration. Gurinder’s long term goals entail wanting to open a non-profit medical facility and managing a larger pediatric facility while improving healthcare outcomes at a community level. During his free time, he enjoys checking restaurants off his bucket list, playing basketball, and spending quality time with his family and friends. He is passionate about becoming a supporting member of the next generation of Healthcare leaders.