Kenneth McLeroy, PhD, MS

Kenneth McLeroy, PhD, MS

Regents & Distinguished Professor

Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences
212 Adriance Lab Rd.
1266 TAMU
College Station, TX   77843-1266

Phone: 979.436.9359

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Education and Training

  • BS in Psychology/Sociology, University of Houston
  • Peace Corp Training Program, California State College at Los Angeles
  • MS in Social Psychology, University of Oklahoma
  • Human Resources Development, North Carolina State University at Raleigh
  • PhD in Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Interests

  • Community capacity
  • Community-based approaches to health promotion/disease prevention
  • Program evaluation of individual and community assets and resources
  • Relationship between theory and practice
  • Social ecology
  • History of Public Health

Selected Publications

McLeroy, K. R., Bibeau, D., Steckler, A. and Glanz, K. (1988) An Ecological Perspective for Health Promotion Programs.  Health Education Quarterly, 15(4):351-378 (PMID 3068205).

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 Steckler, A., McLeroy, K. R., Goodman, R. M., McCormick, L. and Bird, S. T.  (1992).   Towards Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Methods.  Health Education Quarterly, 19(1):1-8 (PMID 1568869).

 Kegler, M., Steckler, A., McLeroy, K., and Malek, S. (1998) Factors That Contribute to Effective Community Health Promotion Coalitions: A Study of Ten Project Assist Coalitions in North Carolina. Health Education and Behavior, 15(3):338-353 (PMID 9615243).

 McCormick, L., Steckler, A., and McLeroy, K.  (1994)  Diffusion of Innovations in Schools: A study of Adoption and Implementation of School-based Tobacco Prevention Curricula.  American Journal of Health Promotion, 9(3):210-219 (PMID 10150723).

 Steckler, A., Goodman, R., McLeroy, K., Davis, S. and Koch, G. (1992) Measuring the Diffusion of Innovative Health Promotion Programs.  American Journal of Health Promotion, 6(3):214-225 (PMID 10148679).

 Goodman, R., McLeroy, K., Steckler, A. and Hoyle, R. (1993) Development of Level of Institutionalization (LoIn) Scales for Health Promotion Programs. Health Education Quarterly, 20(2):161-178 (PMID 8491630).

 Vesely, S., Wyatt, V., Oman, R., Aspy, C., Kegler, M., Rodine, S., Marshall, L., and McLeroy, K. (2004) The Potential Protective Effects of Youth Assets from Adolescent Sexual Risk Behaviors. Journal of Adolescent Health, Vol 34(5):356-365 (PMID 15093789.

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