SangNam Ahn, PhD, MPSA

SangNam Ahn, PhD, MPSA

Assistant Professor

School of Public Health
212 Adriance Lab Rd.
1266 TAMU
College Station, TX   77843-1266

Phone: 901.678.5688

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Research Interests

  • Obesity and lifestyle risk factors
  • Aging and long-term care policy
  • Community gardening
  • Health promotion
  • Chronic disease self-management
  • Healthcare savings through evidence-based programs
  • Doctor-patient interactions
  • Food insecurity
  • Global Health

Education and Training

  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Program on Healthy Aging, Texas A &M School of Public Health
  • PhD, Health Services Research, Texas A&M School of Public Health
  • MPSA, Public Service and Administration, Texas A&M University Bush School of Government and Public Service
  • BA, English, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea

Selected Publications

  • Ahn, S., Basu, R., Smith, M.L., Jiang, J., Lorig, K., Whitelaw, N., & Ory, M. G. (2013). The Impact of Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs: Healthcare Savings through a Community-based Intervention. BMC Public Health. (in-press).
  • Ahn, S., Smith, M. L., Cho, J., Bailey, J., & Ory, M. G. (2013). Hypertension Awareness and Associated Factors among Older Chinese Adults. Frontiers in Public Health Education and Promotion. (in-press).
  • Ory, M. G., Ahn, S., Jiang L., Smith, M. L., Ritter, P., Whitelaw, N., & Lorig, K. (2013). Successes of a National Study of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program: Meeting the Triple Aim of Health Care Reform. Medical Care, 51(11), 992-998.
  • Ahn, S., Zhao, H., Tai-Seale, M., Huber, C., Smith, M. L., Ory, M. G., & Phillips C. D. (2012). The Longitudinal Effects of Health, Behavioral, Demographic, and Social Factors on Body Mass Index among Older Chinese Adults. International Journal of Public Health, 57: 269-277.
  • Ahn, S., Hochhalter, A., Moudouni, D., Smith, M. L., & Ory, M. G. (2012). Self-reported physical and mental health of older adults: the roles of caregiving and resources. Maturitas, 71, 62-69.
  • Ahn, S. & Ashida, S. (2012). Music Therapy for Dementia. Maturitas, 71, 6-7.
  • Ahn S., Smith M. L., Dickerson J. B., Ory M. G. (2012). Health and Healthcare Utilization Correlates among Middle-Aged Baby Boomers and Older Adults: Factors Associated with Obesity and Diabetes. American Journal of Health Promotion, 27(2), 123-132.
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  • Ahn, S., Huber Jr., C., Smith, M. L., Ory, M. G., & Phillips, C. D. (2011). Predictors of Body Mass Index among Low-Income Community-Dwelling Older Adults. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 22, 1190-1204.
  • Smith, M. L., Ory, M. G., Ahn, S., Bazzarre, T. L., & Resnick, B. (2011). Older Adults’ Participation in a Community-Based Falls Prevention Exercise Program: Relationships Between the EASY Tool, Program Attendance, and Health Outcomes. The Gerontologist, 51(6), 809-821.