Thomas J. McDonald, PhD

Thomas J. McDonald, PhD


Environmental and Occupational Health
212 Adriance Lab Rd.
1266 TAMU
College Station, TX   77843-1266

Phone: 979.436.9425

Education and Training

Texas A&M University
PhD, Oceanography, 1988

Texas A&M University
MS, Oceanography, 1982

Texas A&M University
BS, Marine Science, 1980

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Petroleum Geochemistry
  • General Organic Chemistry

Selected Publications

  • Sharma, V.K., Yang, X., Cizmas, L., McDonald, T.J., Luque, R., Sayes, C.M., Yuan, B., Dionysiou, D., 2017.  Impact of metal ions, metal oxides, and nanoparticles on the formation of disinfection byproducts during chlorination (review article).  Chem. Eng. Journal.  (317) 777-792.
  • Cichocki, J.A., Furuya, S., Venkatratnam, A., McDonald, T.J., Knap, A.H., Wade, T.L., Sweet, S., Chiu, W.A., Threadgill, D.W., Rusyn, I.  2017.  Characterization of Variability in Toxicokinetics and Toxidynamics of Tetrachloroethylene Using the Collaborative Cross Mouse Populations.  Envrion. Health Perspect.  125(5) 057006-1 057006-12.  (PMID 28572074).
  • Telesford-Checkley, J.M., Mora, M.A., Gentry, T.J., McDonald, T.J., Boellstorff, D.E., 2017 Impacts of Hormones on Water Quality as Evaluated through Escherichia coli and Fecal Sterol Analyses.  Water Environ. Res.  89(6): 508-518.  (PMID 28545602).
  • Cichocki, J.A., Furuya, S. Konganti, K., Luo, Y.S., McDonald, T.J., Iwata, Y., Chiu, W.A., Threadgill, D.W., Pogribny, I.P., Rusyn, I.  2017.  Impact of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease on toxicokinetics of tetrachloroethylene. J. Pharmacol Exp. Ther.  361: 17-28. (PMID 2814637).
  •  Sansom G., Berke P., McDonald T.J., Shipp E., and Horney J.  2016. Confirming the Environmental Concerns of Community Members Utilizing Participatory-Based Research in the Houston Neighborhood of Manchester.  Int. Journal Environ Research Public Health.  13(9).  (PMID: 27563915).  
  • Trueblood, A.B., Rincon, R., Perales, R., Hollingsworth, R., Miller, C., McDonald, T.J. and Cizmas, L.H. 2016. A Pilot Study of Changes in Environmental Knowledge and Behaviors among Head Start Employees and Parents Following Environmental Health Training in Webb County, TX.  Journal of Immig and Min Hlth.  18(1) 135-142. (PMID 25538003).
  • Sharma, V.K., Johnson N, Cizmas L.H., McDonald T.J., and Kim H.  2016.  A review of the influence of treatment strategies on antibiotic resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes.  Chemosphere Vol. 150; 702-714.  (PMID 26775188).
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  • Sharma V.K., McDonald T.J., Kim H., Garg V.K. (2015). Magnetic graphene-carbon nanotube iron nanocomposites as adsorbents and antibacterial agents for water purification. Adv. Colloid Interface Sci. Nov: 225:229-240. (PMID: 26498500).
  • Cizmas L, Ackerman L, Donnelly DA, Donnelly K.C., McDonald T.J. (2015). Measurement of Organophosphate Pesticides, Organochlorine Pesticides, and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Household Dust from Two Rural Villages in Nepal. Journal of Environmental Analytical Toxicological. 5:261. 
  • Sharma, V.K., McDonald, T.J., Sohn, M. Anquandah, G.A.K., Pettine, M., and Zboril, R.  2015.  Biogeochemistry of Selenium. A Review.  Environmental Chemistry Letters.  Vol 13(1). 49-58. (PMID)
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  • Sharma, V.K., Zboril, R., and McDonald. T.J. (2014). Formation and toxicity of brominated disinfection byproducts during chlorination and chloramination of water: A review. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B: Pesticides, Food Contaminants, and Agricultural Wastes. January (49): 212-228. (PMID: 24380621)
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