Sandra Wright, RN, EdD

Sandra Wright, RN, EdD

Tyler County Hospital District
Woodville, TX  

Dr. Sandra Wright is the CEO/president of Tyler County Hospital District (TCHD), which consists of a 49-bed hospital, a rural health clinic with five practitioners, a vocational school of nursing which accepts 75 students a year, and a 501(c)3 foundation. Wright has over 30 years of experience as a health care executive.

Prior to TCHD, Wright was senior VP of Concepts of Care in Dallas. Concepts of Care is a health care system formed in 1968 with 25 Home Care Offices across Texas, as well as Primary Care agencies located over five states. Wright spent 23 years in various leadership roles with Concepts of Care.

Wright received her Associates Degree in Nursing from Angelina Junior College in Lufkin, Texas, in 1973. In 1985, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. In 2000, she earned a Master of Public Affairs from The University of Texas at Dallas, and in 2003 a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Stephen F. Austin. She has attended the Course of Study Extension School of the Perkins School of Theology at Lon Morris College in Jacksonville, Texas.

Wright serves on many boards and organizations such as the board of directors of the Houston Methodist Hospital, the Burke Center in Lufkin, the Texas Hospital Insurance Exchange in Austin, the American Hospital Association Board in Chicago, and the Equity of Care Committee in Chicago. She is also a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, and a licensed ordained minister.