Ronald F. Dodson, PhD, FCCP, FAHA

Ronald F. Dodson, PhD, FCCP, FAHA


Dodson Environmental Consulting, Senior Consultant-ERI Consulting, Inc.
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Tyler, TX   75701

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Dr. Ronald Dodson received his Bachelor of Arts in biology and general studies (second major) as well as a Master of Arts in biology and chemistry from East Texas State University. He received his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University with an emphasis in biological electron microscopy. Dodson conducted postdoctoral studies in the Department of Anatomy at The University of Texas Health Center at San Antonio. He was then appointed to the faculty of Baylor College of Medicine, where he served for seven years before he was recruited to the University of Texas Health Center in Tyler to begin a formal research program.

Dodson held titles at The University of Texas Health Center at Tyler including chief of the Department of Cell Biology and Experimental Pathology, chairman of the Department of Cell Biology and Environmental Sciences, associate director for research, director of the Occupational/Environmental Training Division, co-director of TIOSH, and vice president for research. Dodson was also appointed as professor of Biology (with tenure) at The University of Texas at Tyler in 1984. His primary research focus involves determination of dust levels in tissue, body fluids, and environmental samples by light and electron microscopy. His laboratories have developed some of the techniques available for preparation of these samples for analysis by Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy. Dodson has published over 100 articles on dust-related issues and given numerous presentations on the same topic. He has authored or co-authored chapters in books as well as co-edited a recent book on the subject of asbestos exposure and public health. He has served on numerous academic committees at the Health Center that were charged for compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, as well as comparable committees in The University of Texas System.

Dodson is a member of the Asbestos Advisory Committee of the Texas Department of Health (now DSHS) that wrote the state regulations governing asbestos in public buildings for Texas, and holds a license as an Inspector/Manager Planner and Supervisor/Contractor (restricted) through DSHS. 

Dodson retired from academia at the end of August 2005, and presently serves as president of Dodson Environmental Consulting, Inc. and as a senior consultant for ERI Consulting, Inc.