ExamSoft is an exam management solution that provides a more effective way to assess student competencies, generate performance data, and ultimately achieve desired learning objectives.

Examsoft’s suite of software and services supports the entire testing process, from exam administration and design to delivery and analysis. The software works with student-owned laptops, computer lab desktops, and even with iPads. Start by creating questions and designing exams easily with the cloud-based, collaborative tool. Use the detailed performance history provided for each question to make data-based decisions when designing exams. Deliver computer-based exams offline, where students are disabled from searching the Internet for answers.

After students have taken the exam, easily and instantly generate detailed reports that break down item performance by each assessment, class or student.

Additional features include:      

  • Scantron integration
  • Advanced exam security
  • Tracking capabilities to monitor student activity during the exam
  • Frequent and automatic back-up of answer files during the exam
  • Administrator controls (time limits, exam modifications, etc.)
  • Helpful exam taker tools (timer, ability to cross out incorrect answer choices, text highlighter, image zoom)