To participate in the spring graduation ceremony there are several graduation requirements that are specified in the official Health Science Center Catalog.  However, as the School of Public Health only holds a commencement ceremony annually (in May of each year), students graduating in December, May or August may participate in the commencement ceremony under the following conditions.

The student:

      1. has an overall grade point average of at least 3.0

      2. has a maximum of 6 semester credit hours of coursework, including the practicum, remaining on his/her degree plan (all core and concentration course work must be completed)

      3. has passed the culminating experience (comprehensive examinations, capstone courses or thesis/doctoral defense and submission of approved manuscript)

      4. has submitted the necessary paper work and paid requisite fees for spring graduation

      5. has assured his/her accounts with the Health Science Center are up-to-date

      6. no un-absolved grades of D, F, or U will appear on the final degree plan for graduation

Students graduating during the fall semester (i.e., December) have the option of participating in the next spring graduation.  Summer graduates participating in the spring commencement ceremony will be allowed to walk the stage during the graduation and will be included in the graduation program, but will not receive a diploma until all graduation requirements are satisfied.