Faculty Annual Review Process

The annual review of faculty provides valuable information to the department head, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and the Dean regarding the faculty member’s accomplishments and to the faculty member regarding the department head’s assessment of progress in the discipline and in meeting departmental and school goals.  Annual reviews are to be conducted in the spirit of openness and collegiality, with an emphasis on constructive development of the individual faculty member as well as the institution.  Annual review of the performance of faculty members accruing credit toward tenure is crucial in the development of an academic dossier for promotion consideration. 

Annual review of department heads will follow the same steps and dates as in the annual review of faculty summarized below, except that department head reviews will be conducted by the Dean and will be based on both the department head’s annual review form summarizing personal accomplishments as well as the summary report of the departmental accomplishments for the year.  

The School of Public Health Annual Faculty Evaluation forms can be completed using SEDONA SYSTEMS Software.  Faculty may access this software through Blackboard under the OAA (Office of Academic Affairs) listing.  In addition to the annual evaluations, the systems will allow faculty to maintain their teaching, research, service, experience, development, credentials, and assessment records.

Additional information concerning the annual review process can be found at: