2.1 Student Affairs Committee

2.1. a. Membership 

Membership shall be comprised of the Head of Student Affairs, one faculty representative from each Department, and one student from each Department. Department Chairs will appoint both the faculty and student member. The Head of Student Affairs will be a non-voting member. The Chair of the committee shall be elected by the committee for a one-year term. Votes shall be determined by a simple majority of those present. 

2.1. b. Terms of Membership 

Department faculty and student representation shall be one (1) academic year. Department Chairs shall indicate representation not later than August 15 of each year. Term of membership for Department representatives shall be from September 1 through August 31 of the following calendar year.

2.1.c. Functions 

The Student Affairs Committee is charged with the following: 

• Admissions Procedures: The Committee shall review and recommend changes in admission procedures and requirements according to SPH Policy I.A. as needed. 

• Student Scholarships: The Committee shall determine scholarship processing procedures. [Award decisions will remain with the Student Affairs Scholarship Sub-Committee as outlined in SPH Policy I.D.2.] 

• Academic Appeals (Student): The Committee is responsible for designing and monitoring student appeals processes and procedures as governed in SPH Policy I.B.5 & 6. 

• Student Recruitment: The Committee will review and monitor School recruiting activities, to include reporting from both Student Affairs and each of the four Departments. 

• The Student Affairs Committee will make recommendations to other policy changes as needed which affect the life of a student at SPH. Any policy recommendation must be presented by the Chair of the Student Affairs Committee to the SPH Executive Committee. 

2.1.d. Meetings 

Meetings shall be called by the Chair of the Committee. An agenda will be circulated including topics to be discussed and minutes taken. The Committee shall meet minimally once in each of the fall and spring. Additional meetings shall be called by the Chair as required.