2.0 Standing Committees

2.0.a Membership 

Unless otherwise noted, members of all standing committees will be elected by the voting faculty with approval of the Dean. 

2.0.b Eligibility 

All principal and joint faculty are eligible to serve on standing committees of the SPH, with the exception of the SPH Tenure and Promotion Committee. All joint appointed faculty are also eligible to serve as SPH representatives to HSC standing committees if nominated and elected according to SPH bylaws. Adjunct faculty may serve as ad hoc (non-voting) members of SPH standing committees but are not eligible to serve as SPH representatives to HSC standing committees. 

2.0.c Terms of Office 

Faculty terms shall begin September 1, unless otherwise specified herein or by the Dean or the Dean’s designee. Terms shall be for two years with one permitted successive term except as otherwise specified.

2.0.d Voting Privileges 

All members of standing committees have voting privileges except ex officio members. Alternate committee members may vote only during the absence of the committee member they represent, as long as the alternates are members of the voting faculty. 

2.0.e Eligibility for Multiple Terms of Office 

When members, Chairs and Vice Chairs are limited to maximum continuous terms of office, they shall be eligible for reappointment or reelection after lapse of one term. 

2.0.f Student Representation 

Students who serve on HSC and SPH standing committees will be elected from among the student body as described in Section 1.6 (unless otherwise stated). Student members to SPH and HSC standing committees must be in good academic standing. The term of office will be one academic year.

2.0.g Policies and Procedures 

Each standing committee shall develop Policies and Procedures Statements consistent with the objectives and functions of the committee. 

2.0.h SPH Standing Committees 

The following standing committees are established: 

• Executive Committee 

• Research Committee 

• Doctoral and Research Degrees Committee 

• Distance Education Committee 

• Administrative Council 

• Student Affairs Committee 

• Appointment Promotion and Tenure Committee 

• Curriculum Committee 

• Nominations Committee 

2.0.i Ad Hoc (Special) Committees 

The Dean may appoint ad hoc committees as deemed necessary. These committees shall perform a specific task, such as self-study and accreditation, and cease to exist when a final report is rendered or at the end of the academic year unless re-appointed by the Dean.