2.5 Research Committee

2.5.a Membership 

The Research Committee will be comprised of: 

• The SPH Dean of Research who serves as an Ex-officio committee member. 

• A principal faculty member representing each of the four departments within SPH appointed by the department head. There are no term limits, but appointments should occur annually to begin each new fiscal year. 

• A principal faculty member representing each of the four departments within SPH as selected by vote of the departmental faculty. Each member serves a three year term beginning at the start of an academic year. There are no term limits. 

• A Council of Principal Investigators Representative from the HSC if the representative is a SPH faculty member. 

• One doctoral student, elected by the RPHSA from the pool of departmental nominees, and acceptable to the Chair of the Committee (Research Dean or Research Committee Chair). 

• Each department is allowed to submit one student nominee name for consideration. 

• The student must be able to attend all required meetings and allowed to serve at least one year in this capacity. 

• The student term is one year and may be renewed annually with approval by RPHSA and the Research Dean or Research Committee Chair. 

• From time to time, the Research Committee may choose to invite representatives of the following SPH operational areas; these representatives may also request attendance at the meetings: 

• The SPH Director of Institutional Advancement 

• The SPH Communications Specialist 

• The SPH Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration

2.5.b Meetings 

The SPH Research Committee will meet at least quarterly and as convened by the Research Dean or elected committee Chair. 

2.5.c Committee Leadership 

The SPH Research Committee is under the direction of the Research Dean and Chaired by an elected member of the Research Committee. The Research Dean serves as an Ex-Officio member. A call for nominations for Chair candidates is issued each August or September by the Research Dean to the Research Committee members. Chair eligibility is restricted to the eight departmental representatives to the committee. The Chair is elected by majority vote of each eligible voting SPH Committee member. The Chair serves a one year term renewable upon committee approval each September. 

The Chair’s primary responsibilities include: 

• Assist in development of the Research Committee Meeting Agenda; 

• Chair the Research Committee meetings in the absence or at the request of the Research Dean; 

• Lead the development and drafting of the Research Section of the CEPH report and other school related research tasks as may be identified; 

• Serve as the HSC Research Advisory Committee (RAC) SPH representative along with the SPH Research Dean. 

• Attend research related meetings in the absence of the Research Dean; and 

• Provide assistance in carrying out the key functions of the Research Committee. 

2.5.d Research Committee Eligible Votes 

The following research committee members are eligible to vote on research committee issues: the four appointed departmental representatives and the four elected departmental representatives. In the event of a voting tie, the Research Dean casts the deciding vote. 

2.5.e Amendments 

Amendments to by-laws are made by majority vote of the voting members and then submitted to the Administrative Council for final review and approval.

2.5.f Functions 

The SPH Research Committee is charged with oversight and recommendations to the Dean and Executive Committee for the following: 

• Oversight and input on SPH research and commercialization strategic planning activities. 

• Support in the areas of collaborative proposal/project development and budgeting. 

• Oversight of the Office of Research proposal preparation and submission support activities. 

• Oversight of interfaces with contractual entities representing the SPH and HSC such as the Research Foundation and commercialization activities. 

• Oversight of SPH related IRB interactions. 

• Recommendations regarding indirect and salary savings returns. 

• Design and oversight of annual student research awards. 

• Design and oversight of annual faculty research awards. 

• Design and oversight of SPH research databases. 

• Contribute to SPH Office of Communications regarding faculty research activities. 

• And, other duties as assigned by the Dean and/or Office of Research.