1.4 Faculty Council

1.4.a Membership 

The Faculty Council shall consist of all principal faculty in the School of Public Health and all faculty with principal appointments in the School are voting members with the exception of those who hold administrative posts within the SPH. 

1.4.b Officers 

Officers of the Council will include (at a minimum) a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. Only principal faculty without significant administrative responsibilities (i.e., main reporting line or evaluation is to/by the Dean) can be elected officers of the members Council. Officers are selected by majority vote of the members Council. Terms of office shall be for two years without succession. The Vice Chair will assume the chair position at the completion of a two year term as chair-elect. Individuals may be run for office in a recently held position after the lapse of one term. 

1.4.c Functions 

The Council will provide a forum for faculty interaction and discussion. The Chair or the Vice Chair of the Faculty Council will serve as representative of the Faculty Council to the Executive Committee and the Administrative Council. Issues and recommendations of the Faculty Council can be presented to the Administrative Council through the Faculty Council’s representatives. Issues and recommendations of the Faculty Council can also be brought to the attention of the Dean at Council meetings to which the Dean is invited. 

1.4.d Meetings 

Faculty Council meetings will be held at least quarterly. The agenda will be determined by the Faculty Council officers in consultation with the faculty membership. Except for annual meetings of the Dean with the faculty, the Dean shall attend only on invitation from the Council.

1.4.e Voting and Elections 

Votes (including elections) of the Faculty Council require participation by at least 50 percent of the Principal Faculty of the School.