1.2 Executive Committee

1.2.a Membership 

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Dean who will serve as Chair, Associate and Assistant Deans, Heads of academic departments, Senior administrator of Student Affairs, the Senior administrator of Finance and Administration, the Chair of the Faculty Council, and Director(s) of Regional Campuses. The chair of the Faculty Council will sit on the Executive Committee except when the Committee is in executive session. The Dean may invite a guest to the meeting when pertinent to the agenda item. The Dean may appoint other members to the Executive Committee with the concurrence of two thirds of the committee members. All members of the Executive Committee are voting members. 

1.2.b Functions 

The Executive Committee advises and assists the Dean in governance and decision-making by providing collective counsel to the Dean on matters pertaining to mission, resources, organization, budget, and planning/evaluation of the School of Public Health. The Executive Committee advises the Dean on policies and procedures recommended by the Administrative Council and must review comment and make recommendations on all School policies and procedures. 

1.2.c Meetings 

The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice per month at times designated at the beginning of the academic year. Additional meetings may be called by the Dean or a majority of the committee members provided that at least three (3) working days written (or e-mail) notice is given prior to the meeting. The agenda for all meetings will be set by the Dean and shall include items submitted by the members, provided those items are contributed at least three (3) working days before the meeting. Written summaries, action items, and policies deriving from meetings will be kept for the record.