2.6 Doctoral and Research Degrees Committee

2.6.a Membership 

Membership of the Doctoral and Research Degrees committee shall consist of a faculty representative from each department, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or designate, the Director of Student Affairs or designate, a PhD student representative and a DrPH student representative. The departmental faculty shall elect the departmental representative. Departmental representatives be a member of or have served on a departmental level doctoral committee. The members of the committee will recommend and select the student representatives. 

Voting Members: The Chair of the Doctoral and Research Degrees committee and faculty representatives from each department will be voting members. The Chair and each departmental representative will get one vote. Votes will be carried by the majority of the voting members. 

Nonvoting Members: The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is an ex officio member. One doctoral student is also a non-voting member. The doctoral faculty in a department will choose the doctoral student, and that responsibility will rotate among the doctoral programs. Other non-voting members can be added as approved by a majority of the voting members of the committee and the SPH Executive Committee.

2.6.b Chair 

The voting members of the SPH committee will select the SPH Chair. Terms as chair will be will be limited to two consecutive, two-year terms. 

2.6.c Functions 

Functions shall include (1) reviewing admission criteria, (2) reviewing the quality of degree programs and addressing issues related to program quality, (3) monitoring concentration compliance with degree program requirements, (4) reviewing competencies for the degree programs, (5) reviewing standards for graduate faculty status, and (6) providing a periodic review of the degree programs. Recommendations and actions of the Committee will be forwarded to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for further action. The Chair of the Doctoral and Research Degrees committee or designate will also be the SPH faculty representative to the School of Graduate Studies Graduate Program Council.

2.6.d Meetings 

The Committee as a whole shall meet at least once a semester and additionally at the discretion of the Chair as necessary. Some issues may be resolved via email voting, unless any member of the committee objects to the use of that procedure for a specific issue. The issue in question must then be brought forward in a committee meeting.