1.5 Departments

1.5.a Departments of the School 

The faculty of the School of Public Health shall be organized into departments and in appropriate instances into divisions within departments. 

Subject to the administrative procedures of the Texas A&M University System and the Health Science Center, changes in the departmental structure of the School of Public Health shall be handled in the following manner: 

Consideration shall be initiated either on recommendation of the Dean or by petition of one third of the voting faculty (see faculty) to the Dean. Upon initial approval by the Dean, the recommended changes shall be disseminated to the faculty at least three weeks prior to being reviewed by the Faculty Council. 

Both the Administrative Council and the Faculty Council shall be charged with review of the proposed changes. Both entities may recommend to the Dean approval, disapproval or modification of proposed departmental changes. Recommendations of either entity shall require a simple majority vote of the members in attendance, if a quorum is attained. 

Recommended changes shall receive final approval by the Dean. As necessary, changes may require Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approval. 

1.5.b Heads of Department 

Department heads shall be responsible to the Dean for the conduct of instructional, research and service programs located within their departmental jurisdiction as well as other administrative responsibilities as assigned by the Dean. Additional specific responsibilities are outlined throughout the present document. Department heads serve at the discretion of the Dean. 

Department heads shall serve as members of the Executive Committee, the Administrative Council, and by virtue of being principal faculty, they also serve as voting members of the Administrative Council.