2.3 Curriculum Committee

2.3.a Membership 

Voting Members: 

The head of each academic department shall designate a departmental Curriculum Coordinator, who shall sit on the Curriculum Committee. The Curriculum Coordinator will serve a two-year term of office with a maximum of two consecutive terms. 

Nonvoting Members: 

Two students from two different departments from the masters degree programs will be elected by their peers to serve on the SPH Curriculum Committee (pending approval of the Dean). Students will serve a one-year term of office with a maximum of two consecutive terms. 

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or the Associate Dean’s designee.

2.3.b Chair 

The Chair shall be selected by the voting membership of the Committee. The Chair shall serve a two-year term of office with a maximum of two consecutive terms. 

2.3.c Functions 

The SPH Curriculum Committee (SPH-CC) will monitor due process, prevent unintended or excessive overlap between courses within the school, and identify gaps within the core curriculum. Its function is also to assure quality of the coursework for SPH students as well as quality of teaching. The SPH-CC has primary responsibility for the continuing monitoring and evaluation of the core curriculum with respect to both content and delivery, as well as oversight responsibility for the rest of the masters courses offered within the school. Specifically, the SPH-CC is charged with the following:

• Maintaining principal responsibility for guiding the development, evaluation, and continuing evolution of the MPH core curriculum and curriculum for subsequent masters degree programs. 

• Conducting periodic reviews of the core curriculum and SPH degree programs to examine the fit of the curriculum and degree with teaching resources, the changing external environment, and the latest thinking in the public health profession. 

• Monitoring for due process any changes made in course offerings outside the core by SPH academic units. 

• Monitoring changes in core courses and other courses to prevent unnecessary duplication in courses. 

• Reviewing and advancing recommendations to the Dean through the Administrative Council on all proposed curriculum changes affecting the structure and delivery of degree offerings. 

• Designing and periodically reviewing course evaluation procedures and instruments employed within the school (examining fit across departments and fit with other academic units in the Health Science Center). 

• Periodically and systematically reviewing and updating all public documents related to the curriculum (e.g., descriptions on the Web, course descriptions in the catalog, handouts provided to prospective or new students, etc.). 

• Developing and monitoring procedures regarding the review of teaching credentials of adjunct or joint-appointed SPH faculty members proposed to teach SPH classes. 

Recommendations and actions of the Committee are forwarded to the Dean through the Administrative Council and then Executive Committee for review and approval. 

2.3.d Meetings 

The Committee as a whole shall meet at least once a semester and additionally at the discretion of the Chair as necessary. The first meeting of the SPH-CC each fall will be convened by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (in consultation with the returning chair of the Committee if entering the chair’s second year of the two-year term).