2.2 Appointment Promotions and Tenure Committee

2.2.a Membership 

The Faculty Tenure and Promotions Committee shall consist of equal representation from tenured associate and tenured full professor ranks, with equal representation from each department. All members shall be principal faculty of the SPH, either sole or joint appointments. Department Heads and the Dean’s staff are not eligible to serve as voting members. The Chair of the committee shall be elected by the committee for a one-year term and may serve continuously for up to three consecutive one-year terms. 

In the event there are insufficient faculty within a department eligible to serve as voting members on the SPH Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee, tenured faculty within the Department who are not administratively locked in the School of Public Health may be appointed to serve as voting members by the Dean with the approval of the Executive Committee.

2.2.b Terms of Office 

Committee members shall serve two-year terms of office and may serve two consecutive terms of office. Terms for new members and the Chair shall begin September 1 except under unusual circumstances. 

2.2.c Functions 

The Faculty Tenure and Promotions Committee shall advise the Dean regarding the qualifications of eligible faculty members for initial appointment with tenure, or promotion of existing faculty to the ranks of Associate Professor or Professor. The committee will also provide the Dean with tenure recommendations when appropriate (refer to section 4.3). 

2.2.d Operations 

Confidentiality of all deliberations of the Faculty Tenure and Promotions Committee is critical. Members of the Committee must be free to openly discuss the qualifications of candidates without fear of retribution or punishment; therefore, all deliberations will remain confidential within the committee. Votes of individual members will not be recorded; however, the number voting for or against tenure and/or promotion will be recorded.

Materials on candidates for promotion to Associate Professor or Professor shall be provided by the Department Head to the Dean through the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs shall determine that dossiers have been prepared according to School of Public Health guidelines in concert with Texas A&M HSC, and University System guidelines. 

The Committee shall review all materials relevant to the qualifications of a candidate prior to their deliberations and shall present their recommendations to the Dean through the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The Chair of the Committee bears the responsibility for expediting the review of candidate dossiers in a manner consistent with the requirements of the Faculty Tenure and Promotions Committee Policies and Procedures Statement and the School of Public Health Tenure and Promotion Guidelines. Except for a vote on tenure, the same procedures will be followed for promotion of both non-tenure and tenure track faculty.

2.2.e Voting 

Voting by the Faculty Tenure and Promotions Committee shall be by closed ballot. Associate Professors shall vote on all promotion decisions except promotion to Professor. Professors shall vote on all promotions. A two/thirds majority of positive votes from the total number of votes possible (based on the eligible membership of the Committee) shall be required for an affirmative recommendation. If the promotion recommendation involves potentially conveying tenure to the faculty member, a subcommittee of the Faculty Tenure and Promotions Committee (Tenure Recommendations Subcommittee) made up of all eligible tenured faculty shall vote a recommendation to the Dean, in the same manner as described above. In the report to the Dean, the Chair of the Committee shall state the recommendation and provide the aggregate voting results. The Dean’s recommendation will be forwarded to the President of the Health Science Center. 

2.2.f Meetings 

Meetings of the Committee shall be arranged by the Chair reflective of timelines for review determined by the Dean’s Office. Faculty from the same department or members of the immediate family of the candidate shall be excluded from voting and will be considered absent members.