1.8 Adoption and Amendments of Bylaws

1.8.a Adoption of Bylaws 

These Bylaws are in effect following approval of the Executive Committee of the School of Public Health in September, 1999, and as subsequently modified by approval of the Executive Committee. 

1.8.b Amendments to Bylaws 

Proposed amendments to the Bylaws shall be initially reviewed either by the Administrative Council and then forward to the Dean through the Executive Committee or initially reviewed by the Executive Committee and then forwarded to the Dean through the Administrative Council. Proposed amendments shall be distributed to the general faculty at least three weeks before being reviewed by the Administrative Council. The Administrative Council will review the proposed amendments and forward their recommendation to the Executive Committee and the Dean. Final approval of alterations to the Bylaws requires approval of the Administrative Council, the Executive Committee and the Dean. 

1.8.c Distribution 

The Office of the Dean shall keep on file copies of these Bylaws and amendments and shall distribute the approved changes to all departments of the School of Public Health.