1.3 Administrative Council

1.3.a Membership;

Standing members:

Dean, School of Public Health, chair (non-voting)

Members of the Executive Committee (refer to 1.2a)

Faculty chairs of all School standing committees, including the Student Affairs Committee, Curriculum Committee, Distance Education Committee, APT Committee, Research Committee, and Doctoral and Research Degrees Committee, Nominations Committee.

SPH Caucus Leader to HSC Faculty Senate

Ad hoc members: (non voting)

Director of International Programs

Director of Office of Development

Director of the Office of Communications

Director of Office of Special Programs

One Student Representative

1.3.b Terms of Office

Ad hoc and Standing committee members serve on the Administrative Council as long as they serve in the positions noted above.

1.3.c Functions

The Administrative Council provides a forum for exchange of information among members of the Executive Committee, faculty representing the principal operating units of the School of Public Health, and administrative directors of the School. The Council will review, comment and make recommendations to the Dean on the following matters:

Student and instructional operations




Appointment, promotion, and tenure procedures

Policies and procedures


School operations

The Administrative Council must review and approve the School organizational chart at least annually. The Administrative Council must also approve changes to standing committees as defined in the bylaws.

1.3.d Meetings

The Administrative Council will meet at least twice annually. The Dean, or the Dean’s designee, will chair the meetings. The agenda will be developed by the Dean in consultation with members of the Council.

A quorum of more than 50 percent of the membership is required for voting. For regular meetings, student-related items will be scheduled first to allow student representatives to participate in Administrative Council discussions. Student representatives will not be present during discussion of sensitive items, such as budget and personnel matters.